March 31, 2009

I'm so proud of Zack's roommate Paul Ridley, who rowed across the Atlantic -- and is the youngest guy to ever do it -- to raise money for cancer research. Read about his amazing journey. Then visit and donate whatever you can (even $10 will help). Of course, Zack and I envy Paul's other roommates who hopped a plane for Antigua to greet him when he returned. How cool is that?

March 24, 2009

Some days I wish I were a black woman.

Like Rainn, the hot, curvy/muscular woman who teaches African Dance class at Crunch (in Park Slope, 9:45 a.m. Tuesdays). She's the anti-skinny and so confident in herself. Very sexy. Authoritative. Tells the men drummers how to pound their instruments correctly. Leads the ladies. We're devotees, to say the least.

I think it would be cool to be part of an ethnic group whose body ideals are booty-licious (and thick-thighed) Beyonce and Rihanna. Sure, there are skinny black gals, too, like Brandy or Ashanti. But with my butt-focused figure, I feel obese compared with the chicks on The Bachelor, Rock of Love: Bus, and other shows supposedly touting the feminine ideal (that boobs plus a feigned lack of appetite, not butt, will get you the guy).

Being a short white chick with A-cup boobs and a J-Lo-worthy butt isn't terrible. But I think my body issues would most definitely be lessened -- and I wouldn't feel guilty for hungrily, lustfully devouring hamburgers -- if I were a black woman.


Is this just a "grass is greener" issue? Or do I have a point that white people don't appreciate butts and men expect their girlfriends to be thinner/eat less than they do?

March 20, 2009

Join MM, Jovan, Bryant & Morgan for a hot show. Spring is here!!


Sunday, 3/22

3-7 p.m.; All Ages

1733 1st Avenue
(between 89th & 90th, below Bar East)
$10 admission

Bands Performing:

3 - 3:45 p.m. --- Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties ( 4 - 4:30 p.m. -- Royal Sons
4:45 - 5:15 p.m. -- Jacobi Wichita
5:30 - 6:30 p.m. -- Trophy Scars

Directions: The club is at 1733 1st Avenue between 89th & 90th, below Bar East. Train: Take the 4/5/6 to 86th St. then walk to 1st avenue, take a left and it's on the west side of the street.

March 11, 2009

Holy moly.

No fewer than 43 people Facebook-ed me yesterday (and a few today) to wish me a happy birthday! Who's luckier than me?!

While this economy continues to suck -- just a little more than a certain student who tells me every week how much she hates guitar and can't wait to quit but her mother keeps making her take lessons -- my days end with a bit of optimism.

And today ended with streaks of purple hair.

yes, my hair is streaked in purple. And reddish-pink. Kinda like Barbie of Barbie and The Rockers (an '80s variation of the doll who celebrated her 50th on Monday). It's a bit of an adjustment, but Paris (my stylist pal) says I'm ravenously hot. She took lots of photos, too.

So. MM & The Underage Hotties have a show coming up on Sunday, March 22. It's a matinee gig with Trophy Scars and lots of other teen punkety-angsty bands. Thank God I've got Mo, Jo and Bro (that's Bryant for those of you out of the loop).

Details t/k. Xoxox

March 3, 2009

One week till my birthday, and I'm gonna count my blessings early:

  1. My CD "Sex & Guitars" can be yours. Just go to CD Baby and buy a copy for $10!!!
  2. Unlike other suburban-born blondes, I don't even look anything close to 30.
  3. My boyfriend agrees.
  4. I have a new place with so much space in it -- a main living room, a kitchen I can kinda walk in (with two outlets!) a hallway, bedroom and study/office/guest room. Now all I need is someone to help me clean the damn place.
  5. My band The Underage Hotties kicks mad ass.
  6. Mom, dad and Peter. Grandparents. Cousins, too.
  7. Karina, Ann, Bethany, Miriam, Courtney, Melissa, Greg, Debbie ... so many friends I am too tired to call. But they're there.
  8. Emily's two-month old son, Ezra, is healthy and happy in Brooklyn.
  9. I get to stay in Brooklyn at least one more year.
  10. Did I mention you can buy my CD online? Holy moly!
  11. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a new CD coming out: "It's Blitz"

    Over and out. Xoxox