April 5, 2006

Will the god of freelance contracts please bring me some love? Just a little? PLEASE??

So I'm sitting in a coffeehouse, writing and trying not to listen to the loud conversation between the two women in front of me. One is saying, "he causes these arguments ... I feel like I'm talking to a wall," giving reason after reason -- in her adorable little French-like accent -- why she is getting a divorce. Her friend dressed in sweats is listening well, giving great feedback, like, "how can someone so politically progressive has such backwards ideas?"

Believe me, ladies, I understand COMPLETELY. Men want strong women ... under their thumbs. Dainty, skinny, and subservient, eating like grasshoppers and submitting to their every amorous desire, whether or not they want to kick it (either way, they have to act like it, or they're considered selfish).

God, what made me so bitter?

In less-self-absorbed news, THE LADY TERPS won the women's basketball championships! Woohoo!! Read it here and scream with joy. That's my alma matter!

March 31, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to


I'm temping today -- which is really like lifeguarding indoors without the risk of someone drowning -- so I'm reading a bunch. Learning a lot about the world, about why I should trade my shopping compulsions to change the world for the better. Like this piece from the Village Voice, on the dark roots of the hair-extension biz. I'll excerpt:

"third-world poverty and Chinese prison camps aren't things to which hair makers give much thought. Any more than, say, cokeheads do South American militias. Or bag and shoe designers do the factory farms that produce leather. And even though the New York hair makers say they haven't paid much attention to the sudden ubiquity of Great Lengths, it's hard to ignore the fact that it's moving into fashionable city blocks faster than Whole Foods."

Sexy and smart,
A slightly bitter Lassie

Thoughts? Send them here. Read it now!

March 29, 2006

Why haven't I been to France?

Seriously, kids. I'm way deep into adulthood and I haven't seen the freaking Eiffel Tower. Seems the older I get the more fear I have of flying (note Erica Jong reference).

Who's Erica Jong? Only the greatest writer who ever lived. Okay, I won't go that far. But Fear of Flying is in my top five all-time favorite books list. (sorry daddy, Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night isn't)!

So ... I've eaten at some interesting places lately. I'm on this French kick after dining at the celebrity chow spot Balthazar in Soho, the one part of New York that brings me to my knees and reminds me of my powerlessness over the desire to buy clothes. Balthazar, apparentely known for it's sexy brunch, made for a nice dinner hotspot for Kendra's birthday. The bread was decadant and soft. All the entrees are slightly on the pricy side, so order the $20 trout and vegetables -- a heaping plate of steamed spinach topped with trout. Everyone else ordered the duck, and had to pay an extra $6 to achieve the same level of "full."

Another nearby nite spot -- Madame X -- is worth checking out. In May, in fact, because that's when the threesome (J-Sin, Jake & yours truly) are hosting the "Whoreoff."

Oh, wait -- this is supposed to be a blog about issues that make a difference, right? That's actually what made me think about France, not Balthazar! One million French are protesting a new law that says something like, "employers can fire young workers for absolutely no reason at all, as long as they give them a chance." (in French, of course). The NY Times didn't give much more of an explanation, but then again, it probably did when the soap opera started, and here I am all late in catching up to it. So ... um ... read the past issues of the NY Times and tell me what you think. Mkay?

Laziliy yours,
A less bitter Lassie

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March 23, 2006

Stop what you're doing and read my NYC bff Dorothea Hunter's take on beauty at Oprah Online.

She's genius and super talented. (and single, to elegible bachelors in the City.)

Good morning New York!! When will you stop being so gosh darned cold???? Huh?

Ladies longing to defend gay marriage rights -- read this and put the naysayers in their place.

March 21, 2006

Yesterday's New York Times headline read, "Bush and Cheney Optimistic" about Iraq 'Operation Freedom' progress. Question: Are they smoking crack? D.C.'s a hub for massive quantities of white rock. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't my hometown have the only mayor on record who's smoked crack?

In other news, Wal-Mart decided to deny its largely Bible-belt-based conservative customer base by granting emergency contraception prescriptions. Hooray for Wal-Mart! Now, has anybody seen that documentary on how the mass-market retailer ousted Rubbermaid for not lowering its prices enough? Or the one on Chinese factory nuns? I should probably keep my mouth shut, since I write about supply chain operations. Correction: Wal-Mart is great for being so progressive. ALL mass-market retailers and consumers, including me, benefits from low-wage workers overseas.

In other news, the Brooklyn transplant had a wonderful birthday at Esperando (Ave. B and 9th street, a hike no matter what train you take!) and Le Souk (great belly-dancing music, suffocating crowd, free to pretty ladies). Thank you New York!

Thank You, D.C., for some awesome Karaoke/sushi at Cafe Japone. Greg #3 and his lovely lady did a HOT version of Johnny Cash and June Carter's "Jackson." And the striptease from Miss Victoria Vixen, one of my best friends who happens to be a Burlesque dancer, to "Giving Him Something He Can Feel." May we all aspire to similar sexiness at Madame X on May 6. stay tuned for details!

What's new this week: Princess Superstar on Thursday at the Bowery Balroom, and Kendra's Birthday.

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March 14, 2006

Lassie's got SPRING FEVER today!! So much beauty, strength and hope in this world. It's just one big oyster ...

I love you, too. But right now, I'm being a hermit. Don't despair. I'll be back soon. Over and out.