The Maenads

mad mad
legs spread open, slide open
unable to resist the gravity
that pulls them apart-
mad mad
they open their legs, slide their heels into the metal heels
of the G.Y.N.ís chair, opening their legs to his utensils pushing in
their cervexes, opening to the head of his plyers
at the tips of their cervexes
mad mad
Heads Against Cervexes
mad mad
in the glory
of their hour glass curved ecstasy-
mad mad sucking grapes draped in ivy,
mad mad,
pouring madness down their throats,
tearing at flesh with teeth and tongues-
desire tears at the flesh-v down to the base,
he releases himself-
down from the base
O- mad, mad, release
staggers to their heads,
their dried out tongues,
passed out parched madness.

  Dionysus has abandoned them
mad mad-
What will they do when their little dionyses abandon them-
snapped out of madness-
and dizzy sleep.
in an adjoining room,

  Behind the draped curtains,
the prime royalty are still afloat!
She wrestles his madness on the pillowed throne-
saliva sweats off her rubberband lips,
down to the base-
ummm...mad mad....ummmm
lights dim low, blow out-
Their bodies undulate like sine waves
into the deep black
night........down to the base....ummmmm
She is queen of the Bacchae
She has just swallowed.

  By Marisa Torrieri