Dependence of an independent soul

Accompanied by the Winter wind
embraced its truth and reliability
celebrated its contribution to emancipation
touched down on a darkened river bank
to join tired ships
carefully decorated with trawlers and buoys;
rumaged through frost
covering the bounty of
sea-barons and water dwelling crop-hands
for abandoned morsels.
Night passed
the crow once again
found rapture in a bath of dawn
and a feast of morning dew.

Perched atop a habitat of
dysfunctional, delusional dogmatists
damning the bitterness
surrounding the walls
filling the walls
preparing for a departure from warmth
emulating disillusioned disciples
denying the truth they had bore witness to
only hours previously
deny thy mother
among other self absorbed patrons
with no capacity to recognize
truth within the Winter wind

Uninhibited by name
Non reserved by number
Unconstrained by duty, honor, respect

By Robert Blunt