Naked Photograph Girl

Old man,
I know you are starting to fall in love with me
and I'm sorry I did this to you.

When I met you, I let the sweet girl
out of her shell
to decorate your photographs
with warm smiles.
I let her love you
and strip for your camera,
exposing bits of her glass heart.

But the bitch roared back,
and stifled her smiling sweetness, stuffing bits of love
under her black dress
in a quick storm of cruelty.

And now, old man,
every time I see you
I want to snap,
I want to scream
I enjoy being mean.
Day by day, I scratch away at the
patchouli-coated bubble
the sweet girl dwelled in.

Old man,
I didn't know the bitch would escape
from her iron cage
I know you didn't see it coming
from behind the camera,
even as you nervously stroked the shutter
and captured what was naked sweetness.

I don't know why I did this to you,
or why I keep doing this
again and again
to the gentle men
who fall for the naked photograph girl
with the temporary smiles.