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Funeral Home Haiku

Some cemeteries
Can be neat, but not the ones
That give you cold feet.

Russell Crowe Haiku

Oh Russell Crowe,
That eighties dippity do
just isn't quite you

Asshole Haiku

What does one do when
A Friend becomes an asshole?
You put it on hold.....

Near-Molestation Experience Haiku

Just because you like
my sleeping face, that doesn't
mean you can touch it......

A Diva Valentine

Love should spread around
all year long, rather than on
a calendar day.....

Reflection Haiku

A reflection of
Time makes me wonder what's mine.
Was is? What isn't?

Yield Haiku

Following the signs
Can make you turn on a dime.
It is time to stop...

The Meaning of New Year's Eve Haiku

A kiss at midnight?
Wrong. It's about being a
Fabulous Diva......

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