While watching the Dead play "Althea" in October

  Hearts clapped with the rhythm of stomping feet
as sweat fell from their faces,
swinging hips rocked the smoky air
while brightly colored amoebas
embraced the stages' scorching, white light.
Liccorice eyes moved towards
thin, squirming yellow lines
that bounced across the circular screen.
Cylinders of light flew over the floor where
Jerry sung and played.
Aching limbs flung then hung themselves,
as drums aloped with the spinning screen-
beating, screaming, shreiking, shreiking
shreiks of laughter broke the tranze, jumped
from the stage, and penetrated the mesmirized audience.
Indigo smoke crept slowly towards the ceiling
while feathers and flowers
burst from the center of the screen.
The scent of patchouli mocked the marijuana,
as silence took over the arena,
where the livestock clung to the fields of grass
and grazed upon the earthly scenery.