No I sure don't wear a bra
and no, my tits aren't saggin'
so here's to mom, dad and my friends:
quit your goddamn naggin'

It started some few years ago
my bra straps used to fall
from my shoulders to my arms
when I'd be at the mall

"I can see your nipples, honey,"
my mother used to say
"you look so cheap, go wear a bra,"
"a bra?" I said, "no way!"

Why should men have all the fun
when they have breasts and nipples too?
I want to roam without constraint
like animals free from zoos.

So now, I'm free just livin' life
It's become such a cinch
because I've known since age 12
I'd grow not one more inch!

So no longer do high-haired girls shout,
"Nice bra, I see your strap!"
I must conclude that I am free
from that tight, nylon trap!