By Brad J. Ranno

I didn't always spit,
It's just that phleghm is there and I'm 22-years-old.
Spit now before its too late I say,
One day you may find that you missed your chance to spit,
Do it now while you're young,
While no one's looking,
While it doesn't count,
Because one day you'll be 40 and you'll think,
"I wish I had spat when i had the chance."
When it was more acceptable for you to do so,
Just be careful to look where you spit,
Just be careful not to spit in someone's garden,
Don't spit on my shoes.
And dont' spit in the face of man,
or women,
Don't spit with anger,
Or with Spite,
Spit because you want to,
Because YOU are a spitter,
Spit because you don't feel well,
Don't swallow it back unless you have to.
If you swallow all of that all your life,
It's going to come out sometime,
Bitterly forcing it down where you don't have to think about it.
Cough up whatever it is thats inside of you and
Hack a theraputic lugie where it wont bother anyone,
And you'll feel much better,
Provided you don't drool,