Despite Student Loans, Mary Prankster Goes Back To College ... Park

Holy, Mary, mother of bands, I hardly recognized the fab four when they hit the stage after frat-boy-like Juliana Theory at UMCP's Colony Ballroom.

Mary's turned into a strawberry-blonde streaked Rapunzel, Davey boy was surfer blonde, and the sound - now a full-blown collaboration of two guitars, base and drums, was a little more bodied than the trio sound of the last year (before July).

That aside, I only made half the set - which I totally regret: Tits and Whisky, Piss Off, Student Loan ... Sun... if you need to know more just ask cow bell girl Carolina - who snags the set list after every show!

And by the looks of the crowd (and the show page on the band's Web site), we may have to treasure the few local shows offered each month. MP is starting to hit it big - with gigs up and down the East Coast, and beyond. It's crazy!