Sept. 13, 2000

I woke up this morning,
twas sooner than the crack of dawn,
smacked me ol' alarm clock,
and slipped my sweatpants on...

Wait a minute. Sweatpants? I know, I know, not the usual shit job routine. This morning I ran in the capital classic - a run of congress people versus journalists. Being the media mistress that I am, I excitedly arrived early to the course to meet my perky team - one member who chastised me for not wearing my company T-shirt with it's droolingly enticing logo.

I just told him that I didn't need to kiss ass that badly. Set him straight.

So I ran and ran... after the first mile in East Potomac Park, there's this Poseidon-like creature who sort of sticks out of the ground, reaching for the sky. A statue that looks half-burried. Quite enchanting.

I got really excited when I passed members of the "George W. Bush" team, and spent most of my time behind some guy wearing a "Udall" tee...

But the best part of all was finishing just in time to cheer on my old boss, three minutes behind me. No actually, it was running three miles in 22:36, barely more than 7:30 a mile... I was winded. Got lost on 395. Yes, I know I've spent 22 out of 24 years of my life within the realm of D.C., but I have no clue as to where anything is. Rossalyn? Alexandria? Virginia is one big blur.

started playing with my new RIM interactive two-way messenger. Now I can send and receive email on the run. It's very exciting. Like having an asynchronous walkie-talkie...